On Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam we were amazed by elegant  bronze statues of Gong Dong painted in glossy white and fascinated by Hui Dawei’ sculptures of  fairytale horses. All art objects were presented on the stand of Kunstbroeders Art Gallery from Amersfoort and we were please to have a short chat with Mr. Rijk Schipper, the founder of the gallery and the passionate promoter and supporter of Contemporary Chinese art in Benelux.

Gong Dong  We Sky
Gong Dong We Sky (c) Kunstbroeders gallery

Contemporary Chinese art is on the rise in Western Europe now. Big art museums started to buy artworks created behind the Great Wall. An this popularity is also the result of Rijk Schipper work, who owns the Kunstbroeders gallery located on Weverssingel in Amersfort.  More than 7 years he was the only one gallerist in the Benelux completely focused on Chinese art, he is the dedicated promoter and supporter of the culture that was hardly known and appreciated. How it all begun? Mr. Schipper worked in Shanghai in 2000’s and in one of the business trips he met the artist Gong Dong,  who makes beautiful white painted bronze sculptures. Mr. Schipper brought 13 statues created by Gong Dong to Rotterdam and they were sold within a week. The history repeated with artworks from another chinese artist and with the next one. It was a reason for him to open the gallery and Mr. Schipper found that Amersfoort was a perfect place for that due to its central location.

Gong Dong  'Listening to the Wind of Youth' (c)  Kunstbroeders gallery
Gong Dong, ‘Listening to the Wind of Youth’ (c) Kunstbroeders gallery

Through the years Kunstbroeders Art Gallery exhibits remarkable work by Chinese sculptors such as Gong Dong, Xie Aige, Wu Jia Hui, Zhang Yong and painters such as Zhang Xiang Ming, Sheng Shaopeng, Wei Ping and Lin Jin Chun.

Cheng Jing, 'Paard 1' (c) Kunstbroeders Gallery
Cheng Jing, ‘Paard 1’ (c) Kunstbroeders Gallery

Since 2017 Mr. Schipper started to explore an  interesting art in countries  located in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Burma and now he works with an art gallery from Myanmar.

Zhang Xiang Ming
Zhang Xiang Ming, ‘Beijing Girl’ (c) Kunstbroeders gallery

All images from Kunstbroeders gallery

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