The Iris Project

Recently I visited AAF in Amsterdam and I would like to share some information regarding interesting projects, artworks, creators and galleries I spotted. I hope you’d find it interesting.

Iris Project by Lollektiv-Lumen fotografie from Leipzig is an innovative photo experiment initiated by two photographers – Felix Mayrl and Olivier Colin. It’s the contemporary example of humanistic photography. According to creators ‘iris is a human prism, highlighting the infinite beauty and diversity of people all around the globe’. The artistic duo already won the Innovative Award Competition 2018 established by Chamber of Artisans from Sachsen, Germany.  With their self-developed macro-camera system they obtain a high resolution photographic image of the person’s eye. Photos can be taken on international charity and art events like AAF. The updated schedule is available of Kollektiv-Lumen website.  High resolution photo is later printed and crafted in Kollektiv Lumen artistic workshop in Germany and could be sent to all destinations worldwide.



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