Fidia Falaschetti

In Italian his surname needs to be pronounced with ‘sk’ not ‘sh’ sound. It’s important detail. The art of Fidia is very detail oriented too. It’s like a controversive puzzle which you are deconstructing and recongnize some elements of mass-culture by its parts.

Happy Me, blue chrome

Italian artisit born in Marche started hist first experiments in street art. He graduated majoring ‘Production Design’ from Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 2002 but he already worked as an illustrator, photographer and interior designer for leading european brands since he was 18.

He moved to United States in 2007 and since that time works in Contemporary Art.
He calls himself ‘missionary’ of contemporary art, the creative peaceful solider and the visual clown who stands against the obviousness of life.

Freaky Mouse, 2014 Chrome master

His works have been exhibited all over the world: from Miami Art Basel (2014) to Moco of Amsterdam (until the end of 2019). The world of this artist is made of de-structured Mickey Mouse, burgers stuffed with coins and grenades with the “apple” logo.

Apple Care project, 2010-2013, copper

His artworks is a sarcastic manifesto to the society of consumption. He is very ironic, brave and he knows how to keep the balance between art and kitsch.

Donald F*сk, 2015-2017

Fidia’s website

I met his artworks in Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam with Wanrooij Gallery

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