Meg Hitchock

Meg Hitchcock is a text-based artist from New York’s Hudson Valley. She studied painting in San Francisco Art Institute and classical art in Florence, Italy. Her work with words and sacred texts is a culmination of her lifelong interest in religion, literature, and psychology. She cuts letters from Bible, Koran and Salmon Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses. Her artworks are masterpieces and the great example of slow and patient art.
Her artist statement explains the creative method and the ideology behind her artworks:
In my text drawings I deconstruct the word of God by cutting letters from sacred writings and rearranging them to form a passage from another holy book. I may cut letters from the Bible and reassemble them as a passage from the Koran, or use letters cut from the Torah to recreate an ancient Tantric text. The individual letters are glued to the paper in a continuous line of type, without spaces or punctuation, in order to discourage a literal reading of the text. By bringing together the sacred writings of diverse traditions, I create a visual tapestry of inspired writings, all pointing beyond specifics to the universal need for connection with something greater than oneself.

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