Eva Krbdk

Havva Karabudak, also known as Eva Krbdk, is a master at inking minute tattoes. The Turkish tattoo artist (previously) depicts textured florals in cross-stitch, realistic portraits of animals, and micro-paintings in the style of van Gogh, Magritte, and Fornasetti, focusing on innumerable lines and dot work.

Karabudak’s tattoos reflect her formal education at the Fine Arts Academy of Ankara in Turkey, as well as her passion for textiles. In Turkey, it is fairly common for young women to learn embroidery from their grandmothers, according to a statement about her work. As a result, Eva embraced tiny cross-stitch designs as one of her first tattooing styles.

Karabudak just opened her studio Atelier Eva in Brooklyn, and although she’s currently booked, you can watch for openings on Instagram.