Single Dad

Single Dad, published by Hoxton Mini Press and featuring a foreword by Sir Bob Geldof and photography by British portrait photographer Harry Borden, is a testimony to the many men raising their children alone, with philosopher Alain de Botton calling it “a beautiful novel, overflowing with humanity and compassion, and proof of the deep love that fathers have for their children.”

The 104-page hardback is filled with raw and tender portraits, as well as touching stories of love, loss, dreams, and fears that defy the adage that the working father inevitably becomes the emotionally distant father. Borden, a divorced father of four, has brought his own perspective to the emotional journal, photographing 48 single fathers and taking their vulnerability to the forefront of the picture.

This book is powerful and touching, emotional and inspiring, and it opens the door to a way of life that many people are familiar with but that is often ignored in the cultural zeitgeist. Harry Borden’s Single Dad, a portrait of men at their best, is out now from Hoxton Mini Press.

Source: @hoxtonminipress