Shiny Squirrel

A 15-meter-tall squirrel sits on its bushy tail at the Gate to Chongqing Botanical Garden. The sculpture “Shiny Squirrel” installed there in 2021 and created by Studio Florentijn Hofman.

The fantastic zoo of Florentijn Hofman’s who creates oversized animal sculptures, which includes a fox, an octopus, and a reclining bunny, has a new addition. The Dutch artist recently finished a 15-meter-tall squirrel spotted peering into a botanical garden in Chongqing, China. The cheerful creature covered in 16,500 metal discs and propped up by its unusually bushy tail, waves at visitors inside.

The Property management company Hongkong Land Chongqing commissioned and produced “Shiny Squirrel” in collaboration with Art Depot advisors. See photos of the playful installation in progress on Hofman’s Instagram.